where there is culture, the artist sees beauty


about the artist…

Inspiration is everywhere - on city streets, in our minds, in food and the clothes we pick out every morning. There is art that we overlook, and art we stop to admire or take a picture of. Regardless, the world around us is more vibrant and electrifying because of the artists who share their creative vision. This site was started with the mission of inspiring artists as well as challenging them to find inspiration and creativity in unique ways, where maybe they didn't before. 

I am currently studying Advertising with a concentration in Art Direction at Temple University in Philadelphia. I have been a freelance photographer for two years, and graphic designer for almost a year. My artistic voice is still evolving, and I am excited to become more skilled in areas of visual communication and content creation. I hope my work will influence other artists to think outside their creative box and use the world around them in the endless pursuit of creative inspiration. 

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