fashion breaks rules

fashion brks rules.jpg

Expressive, individualistic, and daring, fashion is meant to break rules. We have seen this through the emergence of trends such as asymmetrical hemlines, high-class street wear, and the collaboration of polar opposite brands to create a line that transcends preconceived style notions. Yet, there are still arbitrary rules we insist on following to create limitations. For those who feel compelled to challenge the status quo, these limitations are meant to be broken.

clashing colors

Inspired by childhood, when fashion knew no bounds, this subdued primary color scheme is playful and demands attention.

endless summer

As quickly as summer arrives, it fades into fall and the need for layers. Fortunately, just because the weather gets cooler, doesn’t mean a relaxed, tropical look is out of style.


Using lines to create motion and depth, black and white is the new pop of color. Its dimensionality is never boring.

influential patterns

Patterns can be a bold statement choice, but are typically offset with monochromatic colors to create a balance. Using patterns for each piece, however, creates an eye-catching outfit making it hard to look away from this geometric inspired look.

shades of blue

Various shades of the same color in one outfit does not always mean they have to clash. A mix of light and dark blues gives this look a relaxing feel.

Don’t be afraid to wear something that may seem too outside the box. The “box” is up to interpretation. After all, fashion rules are only meant to be broken.