October artist spotlight: Ana Stone


the stonework

Ana Stone’s custom chainstitch embroidery gives each piece, and whoever is bold enough to wear them, a unique voice

In the age of technology and doing everything faster… and virtual… Ana Stone uses a clever, innovative approach to creating meaningful pieces of apparel. Using an antique chainstitch machine operated by a small hand crank, she embroiders custom designs ranging from monograms to song lyrics to entire visual scenes and depictions. Her work ensures an individual piece that is meaningful, expressive, and can be worn with confidence.

images courtesy of  Ana's website

images courtesy of Ana's website

If you are looking to get your hands on your own Stonework pieces, Ana makes it easy for her loyal followers to get their chainstitch fix. On her website, Stonework Store, you can view the full gallery of embroidered designs. Customers can leave inquires for larger, more customized pieces, which are sent to Ana, and then sent back with the finished piece. For a quicker turnover or simpler monogram, Ana also offers two-word cuff embroidery, one word monogram, and custom bandana designs on her website as well.


Vans Stitch Shop event

Earlier last month, I had the opportunity to work with Ana who put on a custom Stitch Shop event at the Vans store in downtown Philadelphia. Throughout the weekend, she inspired people of all interest groups to personalize their shoes or apparel by offering a range of embroidered designs. Between lightning bolts, skulls, flowers and monograms, designs were carefully selected to ensure there was something for every age group.


Watching the customers get excited about their newly embroidered was by far the best part of the event. Each person already had their individual style, and Ana was able to return each of them a meaningful piece that reflected what made them unique. Their reactions were priceless - especially the little boy who won the raffle for the skull-design Drill Chore coat. View the full photo set here.


What I love most about Ana’s work is how she takes an unusual medium and makes it expressive. Watching her chain stitch in action was captivating, and it was amazing how quickly she crafted each piece. At the end of the Vans event, she stitched a custom ‘GOODAESTHETIC’ jacket, which has now become one of my favorite pieces. I don’t remember the last article of clothing I bought that was personalized to my attitude, rather than advertising a brand. Ana however, has crafted her brand around giving this sense of individualism to art lovers of all backgrounds.

Make sure to show Ana some love this month and keep an eye out for more featured artists…