march creative update


Sharing my creative ventures and outside inspiration is one of my greatest passions as a creator. Although my weekly blog posts and FLASH series have been scarce lately, this is simply because life continues to get in the way. I wanted to update you all on my recent creative ventures and what directions I hope to take my work in the future…

vans student marketing manager

Some of you may know how passionate I am about fashion, as it is one of the most powerful forms of creative expression. Vans, a brand I have supported for years in my personal life, recently offered me a job as a Student Marketing Manager working with Neato Agency to express Vans’ brand values on Temple’s campus. Vans has reps working in major U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Detroit, to encourage on-campus expression at a national level. Working with the team has been an exciting learning experience which combines many values I am passionate about into one role.

As a Student Marketing Manager, I am responsible for embodying Vans’ brand values of authenticity, inclusion, and creative expression on Temple’s campus, and in the greater Philadelphia area. My friend Mackenzie is responsible for the same on Drexel’s campus, and the two of us work together to plan events centered around creative expression for students. We are currently planning a film photography learning moment on 4/11, where Morgan Smith will be conducing a workshop on how to use props to stage a portrait shoot. More details to come, but if you are in the PHL area and interested in attending the event, feel free to email me!

Another key responsibility as a Student Marketing Manager is leveraging our social media channels to show how Vans and their brand values are integrated into our daily lives. As a content creator, it has been rewarding challenging myself to post pictures that my audience will want to engage with, rather than sounding like a Vans robot. Mackenzie and I have been taking pictures wearing Vans at iconic landmarks in Philadelphia, and I recently staged a photoshoot with my own mini collection of shoes. Here are some of my favorite shots:

illustration focus

In the past, I have focused most of my creative energy toward photography-based content. While illustration always fascinated me, my lack of experience in that field lead me to gravitate toward photography, despite wanting to use other mediums to express my ideas. I have come to realize that mindset is just plain LAZY, and I’m making a conscious effort to create more illustration-based projects. For vector designs, I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for its functionality and wide range of tools. The program can be frustrating to navigate at times, but like any software, practice makes perfect. Recently, I’ve been creating mixed media designs by adding vector elements to my photos to create imaginary distortion scenes, like these two:


Another goal of mine is to become better at hand-drawn illustrations. I decided to believe in myself, and made the investment of buying an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Besides the millions of other functions built into Apple products, I can honestly say that it is one of the best tools for digital drawing. Using the Procreate app, I’ve been able to create illustrations with an evolved sense of creative freedom. I love digital art, but the integration of a hand drawn medium has allowed me to take my projects in new directions. Check out some recent work below:

vans_x_PHL (1) copy.png

new projects coming soon…

As a busy student, I sometimes struggle with finding time to work on my personal creative projects. I am working harder to achieve a balance in my life that gives me more time to create art I am passionate about. One idea I’ve had for a while is related to our deteriorating oceans. My project is based on using illustration to showcase the beauty of the earth, and a contrasting news story about how us humans are polluting nature’s bodies of water. Inspired by an episode of Planet Earth, I want to use my creative eye to visualize the unseen, underwater, and hopefully encourage others to be more mindful of the environment.

Wearable individual expression is powerful. I have always been intrigued by fashion, but recently it struck me that I have always wanted to have my own clothing line. My VIZION for this venture involves using my artwork to create a wide range of graphic-based clothing that can be worn by anyone. The more I research this idea, the more I realize how much time and effort goes into starting a clothing company. This has only motivated me to work harder, but also to realize the execution of this idea will take many more hours of work than originally anticipated. While I have no clear timeline on when this venture will be launching, I’m working on learning how to create my own niche in the fashion industry.

Finally, I am working on a new logo for GOODAESTHETIC that is more reflective of the creativity and individualism behind my artistic voice. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the month, but art is not a linear process. Although I recognize there have been a lack of posts lately, my creative mind has not stopped working, life just continues to get in the way. More creative inspiration VERY coming soon….