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meet the creatives podcast: Seth Godin

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Meet the Creatives is one of my favorite podcasts by Rob Johnston, a designer and photographer based in New York City. Each episode interviews a different person who has achieved success in a such a volatile field, and offers insight for amateurs on how to manifest their own dreams.

Episode 180 features Seth Godin, a blogger, entrepreneur, author, and founder of the altMBA. Godin has published 18 best-selling books, and boasts over 1 million readers on his blog which posts daily messages of affirmation and insight that can resonate with individuals from all fields of study.

Here are some important takeaways from listening:

  • You should be impatient to make better work, not impatient to be a hit. There is no correlation between likes and traffic on social media and producing great work. “What we have a shortage of is serious people doing serious work that we would miss if it was gone.”

  • The internet has introduced this idea of unlimited bowling; pushing boundaries and breaking the rules when you have infinite chances. The closer you get to good work, the more fear there will be, but the goal is to do the work anyway. If you risk your heart and soul, instead of your possessions, you have unlimited tries.

  • Discover your heroes by taking the time to learn about your field. Study artists that inspire you. Do the work!! That is the only difference between an amateur and a professional. 

  • A lot of people want their handout - if they interview you, they expect a job offer. This is not the case. Mentorship is unlimited but handouts are not. 

  • When voices in your head arise that make you question your work or need reassurance, just go back to work. All bad ideas eventually lead to a good one. If you feel confident about your work, put it out there, regardless of how others might feel.

As an aspiring creative, Seth’s podcast really spoke to me in the sense of how much work and dedication is required to break into the field. Having dreams is important, but putting time and energy toward achieving them is crucial. Let me know what you think of Seth’s interview! Excited to continue to sharing more creative-centered podcasts in the future.