an evolution of self identity

mirror lip.jpg

an evolution of self identity

an introspective visual journey

looking in the mirror

you can see so clearly everything you want to become

but the road to get there becomes jumping off bridges

praying that you don’t hit anything on the way down

the ones who really make it

who stand any chance at being remembered…

they don’t worry about the fall

foudation copy.jpg

it is painful to confront your flaws up close

my nose looks too big from the side

I have kind eyes

but they lie sometimes

you can hear my sonorous laugh echoing long after the joke

it seems I speak my mind too boldly

from my self-appointed seat atop a golden pedestal

an incessant need to fix those around me

or perhaps a distraction from looking inward

above view EDIT.jpg

it wasn’t that people had underestimated me

it was that I had underestimated myself

trapped in an arbitrary confine of what I was capable of

paralyzed by anxiety and the fear of not being good enough


I don’t see the world the same as those around me

below the surface everything is intertwined

there is no fate. there is only destiny.

maybe I am the one who’s crazy

or they are stuck thinking too linearly to understand

applying eyeshadow copy.jpg

it has taken me almost 20 years to realize how powerful I am

when your life is marked by tragedy

you begin to transcend the painful endings and quiet beginnings

no longer knocked down by circumstances of mortal men

I am burying my old self and kicking dirt on her grave


the longer I look in the mirror

the greater the paradigm shift

observing the outside world with my third eye

seeing, thinking, and finally understanding


you can’t see the stars from the middle of the city

only millions of tiny lives shining in the distance

these are the innate qualities of a visionary

understanding how to read the space between the lines

looking beyond rather than through

not everyone can see a reverie that has been fogged down by smoke clouds and judgement

I am learning to leave behind these worldly ideals

they weigh too heavily on my immortal soul

abandon small-mindedness

feel the pull of the universe

guiding every decision toward the path you are meant to walk

even when it means packing up and leaving home

forgetting all the people you used to laugh with

who no longer understand how it feels to pursue dreams

rather than just speaking about them

above sink2.jpg

the person you are meant to become creeps in slowly

through conversations in the mirror

or having a goddamn original idea

how are we supposed to challenge thought or logic or science?

stuck in a world trying to stretch its own linear box

I want to be remembered as someone who stood fearlessly in the space beyond

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

self evolution: a visual photo album