sketchbook inspiration

An artist’s mind is often filled with chaos, and my sketchbook is no different. I find that the rawness of pencil on paper takes away the pressure to create a “masterpiece.” These illustrations tend to be more raw ideas rather than polished concepts, and the accompanying descriptions are simply what was going through my mind while creating them. Enjoy this inside look into my creative mind…

the underworld


Inspired by Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD, this drawing was a visual portrayal of one of the album’s tag lines, “enjoy the ride.” I wanted to reimagine the concept behind the album as if it was coming from the underworld, featuring dead skeleton figures rather than humans. Sometimes I feel as though life resembles a roller coaster and when you’re hit with such exhilarating and intense emotions…. don’t forget to scream.

above the noise


Living in a small town the first 18 years of my life was sheltering in many ways, and it wasn’t until I moved to Philly last year that I realized how much that environment had inhibited my personal and professional growth. This drawing reflects the sense of peace I feel in the midst of such a vibrant city.

the lightbulb moment


One of the best parts of being an artist is that pivotal moment when an idea hits you like a bolt of lightning, and suddenly everything is illuminated. This drawing was a metaphorical representation of the moment I began to envision “MOTHER NATURE DOES DRUGS.”


sketchbook6 edit.jpg

You know when you’re really stoned, sitting, reflecting, imagining the person you want to become? Sometimes, she doesn’t have a face.

visionary eye


I am realizing that seeing the world on a transcendental level is not a curse, but a gift that should be used wisely. Sometimes, I feel isolated because people do not always understand my level of thinking, but I am learning that this is more reflective of their own perception of the world, rather than mine.

parallel universe I


If you have been following me as an artist, it is no surprise that distortion and space are concepts I love to utilize in my artwork. This simple design is a geometric take on a distorted space world. The design is not entirely complete, but is art ever really ‘finished?’

somewhere between a puddle and an ocean


Inspired by the work of another artist, this distortion piece is meant to be introspective, pushing the boundaries between humans and nature. As someone who never fails to start my day without coffee, I imagined nature running on its own type of caffeine.

endless journey


The journey of the artist is never linear, rather it is filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, ideas that will never see the light of day and others which strike you with such force that you stop dead in your tracks and change course. I created this during a moment when I realized if I don’t believe in my ideas, nobody else ever will.

the head and the heart


I drew this in a moment when I was sad about a boy (ha). It seems like your heart feels every single emotion at once when it is broken. One of the most important life lessons I learned the hard way was the liberation in gluing the pieces back together yourself, rather than waiting for someone else to come along and fill the void.



A friend once gave me the valuable advice that “what you see is not always all there is.” Mundane parts of life, like the way a puddle reflects its environment, was a visual I felt perfectly encapsulated that ideal. Many would not even notice a puddle walking along the street, but in the eyes of an artist, it is inspiration.

loud insomnia


It is rare you will find me without music playing or headphones on. There is something about nighttime which seems to amplify the sense of peace I feel while listening to music. This visual is meant to depict the power of music as a source of inspiration not only in art, but everyday life.

The reason I originally became so fascinated with digital art is because I did not think my work was good enough a mano. Letting go of any expectations I have for how a drawing will turn out often produces some of my best work. I encourage all of you to continue creating art, in whatever form, without putting pressure on yourself that every piece must turn out noteworthy. And if you mess up? That’s why sketchbooks have more than one page.