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conceptualizing photos in black and white

The alluring monochrome effect of black and white photography draws the audience’s eye to structural elements of the image, utilizing techniques like composition and framing. Visuals are comprised of differences in shadows and contrast, requiring the artist’s eye to see beyond the world of color, and use photography to shed light on aspects of a subject which are not always seen at first glance.

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ARTSPEAKS episode 1: the art of creating in the moment

I recently got to sit down with self-made photographer and videographer, Rey Aldana to discuss the inspiration behind his work, and how creating in the moment is much more rewarding than trying to create the moment itself. His work focuses on the people around him, and the beauty of living a life that art wants to imitate.

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fashion breaks rules

Expressive, individualistic, and daring, fashion is meant to break rules. We have seen this through the emergence of trends such as asymmetrical hemlines, high-class street wear, and the collaboration of polar opposite brands to create a line that transcends preconceived style notions. Yet, there are still arbitrary rules we insist on following to create limitations. For those who want to challenge the status quo, these limitations are meant to be broken.

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