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artist spotlight: Will FM

Will Luo, better known as Will FM, is a portrait, music, and film photographer based out of NYC. Whether the subject is human or concrete, his use of vibrant colors, motion blur, and irregular angles gives his photos a signature dreamy aesthetic. What captivated me most about Will’s artwork is the way he exaggerates elements like motion or light to add a ‘dreamlike’ effect.

Will has also brought his colorful aura into design and branding work, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Some of his well-known clients include DIESEL, PowerBar, Majestic Casual and Duskus. Will has also worked with musical talent including French Montana and Max B. His website is full of inspiration for photographers and digital designers looking to take their work in a more abstract direction.

Take a look at some of Will’s most compelling photos and designs:




If you’re looking for more of Will’s phenomenal work, his website and Instagram are linked here.

Let me know what you think of Will’s compelling photos and designs. I want to continue spotlighting other artists making a difference in the creative community! If you are an artist, or know anyone who would like to be featured, leave a comment or submit them by email. Open to any and ALL creators, especially in the NY/PHL area.