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where there is culture, the artist sees beauty




a continuing photo series highlighting visual elements in art, culture and everyday life





using mirrors to visualize an imaginary dystopia of walking the streets of Philadelphia at night


eye heart new york

bright lights, busy streets, and a chaotic energy

home changes colors

a colorful nostalgia of memories and enlightening moments provoked by returning to your childhood home

afterdark2 (12 of 20) (2) copy.jpg

flip the switch

the beauty of Philadelphia in motion as the city becomes illuminated after dark


Vans events

working with Vans x Neato agency to spread creative expression throughout Philadelphia by promoting artist-centered learning moments and campus events

September 7&8: Stitch Shop retail event with Ana Stone

Ana Stone, a chain stitch and embroidery extraordinaire, came to the Philadelphia retail store for a pop-up chain stitching event.


lesson I:

don’t forget to enjoy the journey

I blinked twice and another year has come and gone. The one lesson I learned above all else was that I should have taken a step back and appreciated the blessings around me while I still had them, because nothing is permanent. We are all walking along a road to nowhere, traveling at the speed of light toward oblivion. We send postcards to loved ones when we reach our destination, assuming that the most beautiful moments only happen once we have achieved an arbitrary goal. I do not want to live in regret, staring blankly out the car window, failing to appreciate the scenery because I am waiting impatiently for the road to end. Be present. Cherish the people around you and the place you are in, even when you are stuck wishing you could be anywhere else. Enjoy the journey before it forces you down another path, and life as you know it becomes a vision of the past.

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lesson II

while you are breaking, you are becoming

They teach you in school about evolution - how we do not just appear, but mature and develop, in order emerge as revised versions of our own species. They tell you that the cocoon continues to grow and shed, revealing a being that has caged itself off from the volatility of everyday life in order to utterly transform. What they forget to emphasize, is that evolution only happens after destruction. You cannot allow your soul to breathe in a body that is deteriorating. Eventually the past will catch up with you, forcing you to confront the demons you tried so hard to outrun. You will not grow until you are uncomfortable, and sometimes this requires burning your past self to the ground and never looking back.

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self identity